// logo.scad - Basic example of module, top-level variable and $fn usage


// The $fn parameter will influence all objects inside this module
// It can, optionally, be overridden when instantiating the module
module Logo(size=50, $fn=100) {
    // Temporary variables
    hole = size/2;
    cylinderHeight = size * 1.25;

    // One positive object (sphere) and three negative objects (cylinders)
    difference() {
        cylinder(d=hole, h=cylinderHeight, center=true);
        // The '#' operator highlights the object
        #rotate([90, 0, 0]) cylinder(d=hole, h=cylinderHeight, center=true);
        rotate([0, 90, 0]) cylinder(d=hole, h=cylinderHeight, center=true);

// Written by Clifford Wolf <clifford@clifford.at> and Marius
// Kintel <marius@kintel.net>
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// copyright and related and neighboring rights to this software to the
// public domain worldwide. This software is distributed without any
// warranty.
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