// rotate_extrude() always rotates the 2D shape 360 degrees
// around the Z axis. Note that the 2D shape must be either
// completely on the positive or negative side of the X axis.
        translate([10, 0])

// rotate_extrude() uses the global $fn/$fa/$fs settings, but
// it's possible to give a different value as parameter.
    translate([40, 0, 0])
        rotate_extrude($fn = 80)
            text("  J");

// Using a shape that touches the X axis is allowed and produces
// 3D objects that don't have a hole in the center.
    translate([0, 30, 0])
        rotate_extrude($fn = 80)
            polygon( points=[[0,0],[8,4],[4,8],[4,12],[12,16],[0,20]] );

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